Tehrani and Associates, LLC      Certified Public Accountants

Small Business planning and consulting Services

We provide a wide range of services to start a new small business or to expand an existing business. Our services for new start-up business include:

·        Choosing a business and evaluating the chances of success

·        Evaluating personal factors

·        Advising with the business structures

·        Registration of business

·        Preparation of a Business Plan

·        Advising on the laws and regulations

·        Advising on financing and sources of capitals

·        Maximizing the use of initial capitals

·        Advising on cash management, cash flow forecasts and accounting system

For existing small businesses we provide professional advice similar to when you hire a full-time CFO or controller but at a price much lower. Our services include:

  • Analyzing the current status of your business and focusing on the new services and new customers

  • Analyzing and understanding the financial side of your business

  • Advising and clarifying your business plan in order to help you in making tough business decisions

  • Training and managing your accounting staff

  • Advising your company with the accounting system and developing accounting manuals

  • Improving the quality and timeliness of financial information

  • Preparing and monitoring your budget

  • Monitoring your cash management and providing advice on tax saving strategies