Tehrani and Associates, LLC      Certified Public Accountants

Individual and business tax services

Tax Planning: we believe proper planning is the key to success. Our goal is to minimize tax liability. We offer tax planning to individuals and businesses to pay the lowest amount of taxes allowed under IRS codes by mastering the current tax laws and regulations. We work with our clients and recommend tax strategies that will help our clients to preserve assets, defer income, and reduce taxes.


Tax Preparation: A study by the United State General Accounting Office has shown that most individuals believe they benefit from using a professional tax preparer. Tax laws are complicated and are updated regularly by the IRS and Congress. Even if you use a tax software program, it is not an alternative to an experienced tax professional. When we prepare your taxes we will

·        Show you potential deductions to limit your tax liabilities

·        Check your return by our computer software to identify potential problems with your return

·        File your return electronically so you get your refund faster

·        Review your expenses if you are a small business to make sure the Schedule C is prepared correctly.

Tax Problems with IRS: If you have tax problems such as notification of an audit, non-filed tax returns, back taxes, payroll taxes, liens, seizure of assets and garnishment we will help you to resolve your problems by:

·        Representing you and your business in front of IRS

·        Working with IRS and offer compromise

·        Setting a payment plan if you and your business are not eligible for compromise

·        Working with IRS if you are the victim of fraud